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Korn Ferry Study - The Self Disruptive Leader

This study reveals the skills that leaders will need in the future of business—and in today’s increasingly disruptive environment. We uncover how many leaders are performing highly in these areas and where there is a pressing need for improvement.

By analyzing the leadership profiles of 150,000 leaders from the Korn Ferry Institute’s proprietary data, the study underlines the five key qualities of effective, future-focused leadership—qualities which correlate with a country’s ability to innovate (according to the Global Innovation Index) and which correlate with a company’s likelihood of being an acclaimed brand (using our index of best-in-class lists, including Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies”).

It also reveals how well leaders in 18 key global markets are performing in each dimension, and where improvement is urgently needed. Additionally, the study uses opinion research from 795 investors and analysts to model the gap between the current supply of these high-performance behaviors and the market’s demand for them, to reveal just how wide leadership skills shortages are globally and by market.

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KF-Disruptive Leader Final-Digital.pdf